Thursday, 8 March 2012

Local Fishing Trawlers need full access to Greystones Harbour again.

Sinn Féin county councillor John Brady was welcomed the news that Sispar are to present a plan to put 56 berths in the new marina in Greystones this summer. However immediate action needs to be taken to allow the return of the local fishing trawlers that have been restricted from the harbour to allow the construction proceed.

Cllr Brady Stated " Greystones has always been a traditional fishing harbour and over the years many local families have operated commercial fishing trawlers from the harbour. However when the construction began on the new harbour the fishermen where told they would have to leave and that they would be accommodated when it was finished. The trawlers have now been out of harbour for over four years and whilst i welcome the news that the Sea Scouts, Rowers,Anglers, Sailors and Divers may possibly occupy their compounds in April and that there is a plan for 56 new berths in the marina, the fishermen seem to be totally forgotten about"

Cllr Brady continued "The trawlers that had been in the old harbour are now tying up in Dun Laoghaire harbour but still fishing off Greystones, the fuel costs alone for the 3 hour round trip in a trawler is crippling the fishermen. The first people back into the harbour should be the fishermen whose livelihoods are at risk, they where told they would be back in well before now, however unfortunately they have been completely forgotten about in the mess that is Greystones Harbour"

"Greystones has always been a fishing harbour, the local trawlers need to have access to the harbour to land their catch and to tie up, 12months of the year. The livelihoods of the fishermen should not depend on the leasing or renting of the 56 berths in the marina, they have a right to be there irrespective as to what happens to the marina. At the outset they where promised their own area with fresh water,electricity and a place to store bait etc. and this all needs to materialise" continued Brady

The Sinn Féin councillor concluded "Fishing is not a hobby for the fishermen it is their job and their livelihood, the restriction on the trawlers needs to be lifted immediately and the 3 local trawlers that fish the waters off Greystones need full and inhibited access to the harbour straight away. They have had to take a massive financial hit for over 4 years by travelling up and down to Dun Laoghaire everyday to allow the construction of the harbour proceed and they need to bethe first to be accommodated even though it may not suit everyone's agenda"

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