Sunday, 10 June 2012

Fine Gael criticized for littering the Garden County

Sinn Féin councillor John Brady has sharply criticized Fine Gael for
leaving a litter trail though Wicklow. The Sinn Féin councillor has
said he has been inundated with complaints from people who seen the
Fine Gael people removing their referendum posters and then throwing
the cable ties that had been on the posters on the ground and leaving
them behind.

Speaking after returning from Greystones where residents showed him
the litter trail councillor John Brady said "I am truly shocked that
any political party could have such a total disregard for a community
or a county as what i have witnessed by Fine Gael over the weekend. I
met with concerned residents in Greystones on Saturday after they had
witnessed people who had been removing the Fine Gael referendum
posters throw the cable ties on the ground behind them. This was not
an isolated incident as it happened at every pole they removed a
poster from. I had also a number of calls from residents on the
Southern Cross in Bray who had also witnessed the Fine Gael people
littering in the same manner"

Cllr Brady continued "This litter trail was left behind by the Fine
Gael people on Friday when they removed the posters in Bray before
travelling over Windgates and into Greystones. All along cable ties
that have been cut from the poles by the Fine Gael people have been
left behind thrown on the ground. This is a serious incident in my
opinion, particularly when you think that the Minister for the
Environment is Phil Hogan, a member of Fine Gael. These stupid actions
undo all the great work that is carried out by all the tidy towns
groups and puts the towns at risk of dropping points in the National
Tidy Towns awards when the judging takes place this month"

Cllr Brady concluded "I have contacted Wicklow Fine Gael TD Simon
Harris and reported the issue to him. He has said that the posters had
been erected centrally and that he would have the issue looked into. I
have also reported the issue to Wicklow County Council. If the
littering that was carried out by Fine Gael is not investigated
properly and cleaned up i will have no hesitation in ensuring the
issue is followed up accordingly. Littering is a serious blight on our
landscape and needs to be tackled. All political parties need to be
part of the solution and not the problem"

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