Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Fine Gael throw Wicklow TD to the wolves in kite flying attempt

Wicklow Sinn Féin councillor John Brady has sharply criticized Fine
Gael's kite flying attempt on property charges. Wicklow back bencher
Andrew Doyle took to the airwaves and stated that there would be a
minimum payment under the new property charges for everyone
irrespective as to whether they were a home owner or not. But Sinn
Féin has claimed that this should not be the debate and that the real
issues in closing the deficit are introducing a wealth tax and dealing
with bondholders and Bank debit

Cllr Brady stated "Wicklow Fine Gael TD Andrew Doyle was yesterday
thrown to the wolves by his party in an attempt to fly a kite on the
issue of property charges. Deputy Doyle stated on East Coast Radio
that there would be a minimum payment for all when the charges come in
next year and that this would include people renting privately and
council tenants despite the fact that they are not house owners."

Cllr Brady stated "There has been a lot of debate on Deputy Doyle's
comments, however i believe we are having the wrong debate completely.
Sinn Féin oppose any form of property tax. The best and most fair way
forward is to introduce a wealth tax as it takes account of ability to
pay, not introducing a blunt instrument that does not take account any
personal circumstances. The idea of extending a property tax to people
in council houses or in private rented accommodation is again turning
to some of the most vulnerable in our society who are experiencing the
brunt end of the cuts and taxes introduced by Fine Gael, Labour and
their Fianna Fáil predecessors. You cant get blood from a stone and in
this case you cant get money from people who are struggling to put
bread on the table and keep the wolves from the door. We need to have
a real debate on the issue of taxation, we need to start focusing on
the need to broaden the tax take and those who can afford to pay a
little more."

Cllr Brady continued "The Government nor Deputy Doyle have mentioned
any linking of their proposed tax with ability to pay or the taxes
already paid on the property, its merely an attempt to squeeze more
from the same people time and time again. Sinn Féin’s wealth tax is a
more equitable proposal which links ability to pay with a percentage
tax on all property, physical, material and financial, over €1
million. Our wealth tax allows 20% write-off of the value of the
principal residence. It is estimated to bring in €800 million in a
full year."

Cllr Brady concluded "Unfortunately Andrew Doyle has been thrown to
the wolves on this issue and he has taken the rightful criticism for
the party, however i believe that this was a kite flying exercise by
the Fine Gael top brass and Deputy Doyle is the one that has got
savaged. What is needed is a shift in attitudes and policy, yes we
need to close the deficit but not by imposing more misery on people
that are already badly hurting." 

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