Thursday, 17 January 2013

Brady slams vulgar fake letter claiming to be from Little Bray Residents

Sinn Féin councillor John Brady has reacted angrily to a letter that
has been posted to a number of media outlets in Wicklow and to at
least one school and to other public representatives. The vulgar
letter which claims to be from Little Bray Residents objects to the
flood protection scheme on the Dargle River and claims councillor
Brady is the guest speaker at a protest on 26th January to oppose the

Cllr Brady speaking after a tip off from a local school said "On
Monday last i was contacted by the principle of a Bray school who
received a copy of this very vulgar letter in the post. The principle
brought it to my attention because they were so concerned about the
content of it and the fact that my name was attached to it. I
immediately got a copy of the letter and i am truly appalled at its
content and i am very angry that my good name has been included on the
letter which claims to be from the Little Bray Residents. The letter
strongly objects to the ongoing never ending works on the river
Dargle, however it is not signed by anyone or no contact details are
given. The letter goes onto to name other locals in Little Bray and
claims there is a protest on the 26th January to oppose the works and
that i am the guest speaker. Since Monday i have been informed that
the letter has also been posted to some media outlets within Wicklow
and to some of the TD's"

Cllr Brady continued "Firstly it has to be said that i am fully
supportive of the Dargle River flood protection scheme having
campaigned and worked tirelessly for many years to get it to the stage
its at. I have also worked with campaign group SWAP and the community
of Little Bray to ensure that the scheme is done to the highest of
standards which will ensure the people of Little Bray are protected
from the risk of flooding. Secondly i am not aware of any group in
Bray, particularly from the Little Bray area that is campaigning
against the scheme and certainly i have never been asked or indeed nor
would i agree to speak at a protest to stop the works on the Dargle.
There are some concerns from local people about elements of the work
such as noise from trucks at night time, the height of the wall in the
Peoples Park and the width of footpaths. However i am working with the
officials from the council and engineers from SIAC to have these
issues addressed"

Cllr Brady went onto say "I have spoken to many constituents, friends,
family and supporters from the Dargle area who are also puzzled by
this bizarre letter and they are also unaware of its origin and they
are also appalled at its vulgar content and certainly don't agree with
its content. It is quite clear that whoever was behind this letter
does not enjoy the support of the community which it claims to come
from, nor does it have any support from me or Sinn Féin and i totally
disassociate myself from it".

Cllr Brady concluded "I am taking the sending out of this letter with
my name on it very serious. It appears that someone for some reason,
whether its politically motivated or not is trying to bring my good
name into disrepute. They have gone to some effort typing out this
letter, handwriting envelopes and posting out these letters, however
they are very cowardly as they would not put their name to it. I have
taken legal advice on the matter and i will get to the bottom of who
sent these out and i urge anyone, any group or organisation who may
have received one of these letters to please contact myself and to
ignore the fabricated non existent protest that is advertised for the
26th January"

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