Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Outrage as Council Threaten to remove personal items from Graves in Springfield Cemetery

Bray Town Council has sparked outrage among locals after the council
erected a number of signs in the Springfield Cemetery demanding that
they remove any personal items or mementos placed on the graves before
1st September.

Speaking after the signs were erected Wicklow Sinn Féin Councillor
John Brady said “The signs that were erected on Friday last have
sparked outrage among locals, many of whom have been tending to the
grave plots for several years. The first many family members heard
about the council policy was when they attended the blessing of the
graves on Sunday afternoon in the cemetery and they seen the signs
that were erected around”.

The councillor continued “The council are saying that Springfield is a
lawn cemetery, however this has not been enforced and families have
not been informed of this when burying their loved ones. It’s totally
wrong for the council to move in heavy handed like this after allowing
families maintain the graves, in many cases for the last 10-15 years.
For many people a grave is all they have to remember their loved one
by and they have placed candles, flowers, ornaments etc. on the grave
and maintain them to the highest of standards”.

Cllr Brady went on to say “I have checked the forms and paperwork that
family members have to fill out and sign when purchasing a plot or
having a grave reopened and there is no mention whatsoever of
Springfield being a lawn cemetery or that they are not permitted to
place flowers, candles or small ornaments on the graves. This is
deeply distressing for many families who were already suffering as a
result of the loss of their loved ones”.

Cllr Brady concluded “Threatening to remove items from the graves and
disposing of them has caused a lot of anger in Ballywaltrim and right
across Bray. The council needs to withdraw the signs immediately and
come up with creative solutions that would include allowing families
to maintain their loved ones graves”. Ends

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