Thursday, 17 April 2014

Shopfront Grant Scheme should be extended to cover the Little Bray Area

Sinn Féin Councillor John Brady has called on Bray Town Council to extend the Shopfront Grant Scheme to cover the Castle Street area of Little Bray. The scheme currently only covers the Main Street area and provides a grant of up to 50% of the costs of replacing the shopfronts by retailers.

Whilst welcoming the scheme Councillor Brady said "This is a good scheme that can provided a grant of 50% for works less than €6,000 and 40% for works exceeding that amount and over up to a maximum grant of €7,500.00. I welcome the scheme and I believe the scheme if bought into by the retailers will greatly enhance the town and I urge all retailers to look at it and make an application".

"I do however believe the catchment area for the grant should be extended. Currently the scheme will apply to all existing independent retailers situated on Main Street from Bray Bridge to the Town Hall Area. However I believe it should be extended to all the retailers and rate payers in the town including the Castle Street area. Little Bray is nearly always forgotten about, but it also plays a key roll in retail in the town and it should be included" continued Brady.

Brady continued "This scheme is aimed at improving the appearance of shopfronts in the town and this will include removing the external shutters and placing them inside the front window of the store along with replacing and improving the fascia’s and signage. Castle Street is one of the main routes into the town and has a lot of retail units along it. I have been approached by a number of interested retailers from the area about the grant scheme who want to try improve their units also. Unfortunately the current terms of the grant exclude them from applying. I am now calling on Bray Town Council to extend the scheme to cover the area because it will benefit all other areas of the town also by enhancing and improving the area".

Brady concluded "The closing date for applications is 2nd May 2014 and I urge all retailers to have a look at the scheme and make an application. More information on the scheme can be obtained on the council website or by contacting me".


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