Sunday, 24 May 2015

Brady welcomes Wicklow/East Carlow Yes vote

Wicklow Sinn Féin County Councillor and General Election candidate John Brady has welcomed the Yes vote in Wicklow/East Carlow for Marriage Equality.

Speaking after the count Brady said “I want to congratulate the Yes Equality Wicklow campaign for their tireless work over recent months. They brought a vibrancy and enthusiasm to this Marriage Equality Referendum that clearly won hearts and minds across Wicklow”.

Brady continued "The levels of voter registration by young people in Wicklow were unprecedented and the sight of so many of our emigrants returning home to vote was powerful. The turnout of 68.8% in Wicklow/East Carlow shows that this issue made an impact on some many people on all sides of the debate. The end result of 68.4% or 44,059 voting in favour of marriage equality is a fantastic result for Wicklow/East Carlow”.

"I also want to thank my fellow Sinn Féin members who put up posters, knocked on so many doors and delivered thousands of leaflets to homes across the county. I hope the government moves on other proposals put forward by the Constitutional Convention, such as giving citizens resident outside the state, including the North, the right to vote in presidential elections. The Constitutional Convention is a forum established by the Government comprising 100 members, including a chairperson; 29 members of the Oireachtas; four representatives of Northern Irish political parties; and 66 citizens”.

"I’m delighted Wicklow/East Carlow has added our Yes to the big Yes from the Irish people. Ireland is now the only country or state in the world that has voted for Marriage Equality. This is a massive milestone in our history and one to be built on to ensure we have equality for all”.

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