Friday, 21 August 2015

Government drenched in Water Fiasco - Brady

Recent speculation that the government is considering changing the terms under which people can avail of the conservation grant by excluding all those who have not paid their water bills has brought the Irish Water debacle into the spotlight once again.

Commenting on this most recent turn of events, Sinn Fein Councillor John Brady and Wicklow candidate in the upcoming general election suggested the government has lost complete credibility on the issue.

“How many U-Turns can you make before you eventually forget what direction you actually want to travel in? On the one hand the government are insisting there are no plans to change anything while on the other hand a number of TD’s are insisting that non-compliant citizens should be denied the so called ‘conservation’ grant from next year, while the minister in charge Alan Kelly seems to change his mind on various issues on a weekly basis. At this point in time the government cannot seriously expect the public to have faith in any statements, suggestions or proposals on the future of Irish Water”.

Councillor Brady went on to point out just how disastrous the Irish Water project has been;
“Can anybody seriously remember a government initiative that has been such a spectacular waste of time and money? Similar to Fianna Fail’s electronic voting machine catastrophe, Irish Water has now become an expensive joke with almost a billion Euro spent and not as much as a cracked water pipe fixed. The government have failed to have Irish Water assessed ‘off balance sheet’ and failed to get even half the population to pay their bills. More worryingly the government have failed in their duty to listen to their citizens and abolish Irish Water once and for all”.

In relation to public disquiet on the issue Councillor Brady took an opportunity to remind people of the upcoming anti-water charge protest;
“The only way we can convince a stubborn and clearly obtuse government that Irish Water and water charges need to be abolished immediately is by speaking with our feet. Citizens have mobilised peacefully and respectfully on a number of occasions in an effort to communicate their objection to what is now widely regarded as a farcical and failed government policy. People will have an opportunity to have their voices heard again this month on Saturday 29th August at the next public demonstration. There are two meeting points; Heuston Station and Connolly Station Dublin at 2pm, with the March then proceeding to O’Connell Street’

Councillor Brady went on to reiterate Sinn Fein’s commitment to the abolition of Irish Water
“Sinn Fein are committed to the abolition of Irish Water and water charges. For us it is a non-negotiable position in any future government formation arrangement. We will stand full -square behind the many groups and individuals who will march together in an effort to force the government to finally bring an end to this unjust, unfair and wasteful experiment”.

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