Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Brady urges people to ensure they're registered to vote

Speaking in relation to Sinn Fein’s drive to encourage voters to register in time for the upcoming general election; the party’s Wicklow candidate Councillor John Brady says there is still time for people to add their name to the register of electors:

“Over the last number of election campaigns we have seen a steady decline in the numbers of people coming out to vote, part of this decline is due to a lack of voter registration. The recent marriage equality referendum saw a welcome surge in voter registration in the final weeks of the campaign, however there remains a significant section of our community who are not included on the register, these people might not have their voices heard in the upcoming general election.”

Councillor Brady went on to say that the only way people can bring about political change is by using their vote to shift the political dynamic in their favour:
“After years of austerity and growing public anxiety over issues such as water charges, hospital waiting lists, the housing crisis and rural decline; it is crucial that as many people as possible are included on the register. People who wish to have an impact on the future direction of government policy and to bring about the change necessary to ensure a fairer recovery will have an opportunity to do so in just a few short months.”

In conclusion Councillor Brady appealed directly to the younger generation not to allow their voice to go unheard:
“Statistics tell us that tens of thousands of our young people are not included on the register; especially those in the 18 to 25 year age group. The marriage equality referendum result showed what a difference participation across all ages can make to the outcome of an election. I would appeal to everyone to check the register and ensure they are included. For those who are living in apartment blocks and other gated communities, figures show that these people are also underrepresented, with some apartment blocks having less than 10% of occupants registered. Despite deadlines, people can still register over the coming weeks. Everybody should check the register at or in any Library or council office, and ensure they have the opportunity to influence the outcome of what has been hailed as one of the most important elections in recent history.”

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