Thursday, 8 December 2016

Sinn Féin halts Encroachment on the Peoples Park Bray

Speaking after Wicklow County Council recently discussed issues around the future of the Peoples Park in Bray, Sinn Fein TD For Wicklow/East Carlow John Brady has said he is pleased the issue is center stage and will be watching closely how events unfold.

Teachta Brady said:

“So far so good; the people of Bray can breathe again after a period of uncertainty around the future of the Peoples Park. Wicklow Sinn Fein organised a public meeting at the beginning of December. The jam packed meeting stands as a testament to the determination of the local community to protect their Public Park. But this was the first time the public had an opportunity to air their views on the issue as the council had failed to engage in any public consultation regarding the future of the park.”

“This type of approach can make people a little nervous, when state bodies or institutions are seen to fiddle with amenities or services behind the backs of the local community, people understandably become suspicious of intent. With this is mind we in Sinn Fein made sure the issue got onto the floor of the recent meeting of Bray Municipal District.”

Sinn Fein Councillor for Bray Michael O’Connor said the issue of the future of the park is still very much alive:

“At the council meeting on Tuesday evening I pushed further on the issue, trying to hammer home to other Councillors how important the park was to the local community. Present in the gallery where local residents attending the council meeting on behalf of the wider Dargle and Little Bray community who are still wary of the councils intentions particularly regarding plans to build an access road and a skateboard facility in the park . Thankfully we convinced the council chamber to back the Sinn Fein position for the need for full and open engagement with local residents before any plans are considered regarding the park and to cease any encroachment of the park.”

Teachta Brady said that the best way to proceed is for the council to provide absolute openness and transparency:

“As a TD and a Bray Councillor for 15 years I have worked closely with many groups in the area on various issues. I have also worked with local skateboard enthusiasts, supporting their calls for a skateboard park. It was broadly agreed at the council meeting that the Peoples Park is not an appropriate place for such a facility and alternative locations will be discussed at the January meeting of the Council. I will continue to work with the skaters to secure a suitable alternative. As for the suggestions that an access road to the river Dargle might be ploughed through the park also; this is simply a non-runner as far as the local community are concerned. Myself and my local Sinn Fein colleagues will be keeping a close eye on suggestions emanating at Council level, we will be further engaging with locals and are determined to maintain the Peoples Park as just that; a park for the people and that its developed and maintained and protected as a public amenity .”

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