Saturday, 18 February 2012

Plans to erect a memorial for Bray Fire-fighters fifth anniversary.

The Families of the 2 brave Firemen Brian Murray and Mark O'Shaughnessy along with Bray Fire-service and myself have set up a committee with a view of erecting a fitting memorial in the Town for the 2 men who died while tackling a blaze in Bray on 26th september 2007, it is planned to unveil it on their 5th anniversary, which is this September. We are in the process of looking at locations and designs, but we also think its vital that the public have an input. Do people firstly think its a good idea? Any suggestions on locations or possible designs? I think its only fitting that these Bray heroes should be forever remembered and honoured in a respectful manner for paying the ultimate sacrifice in protecting their community.

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