Friday, 17 February 2012

Wicklow Sinn Féin hold successful public meeting and launch petition opposing Water Taxes and the Household Charge

Following a successful public meeting in the Glenview Hotel on the
issue of Septic Tank and the Household charges in which over 100
people attended Wicklow Sinn Féin have launched a petition to the
oppose the household charge and water taxes which are been introduced
by Fine Gael and Labour.

Speaking following the public meeting which was held on Wednesday last
Sinn Féin county councillor John Brady said "Sinn Fein held a very
sucessful public meeting in the Glenview on Wednesday last, we were
delighted to be joined by Sinn Féin TDs Martin Ferris and Michael
Colreavy. Over 100 people turned up on the night to get information on
the legislation that Fine Gael and Labour are pushing through Leinster
House on septic tanks. There is genuine fear and concern amongst the
public across rural Wicklow and the lack of detailed information on
the issue and the potential costs of upgrading existing septic tanks.
There are appropriately 10,300 households in Wicklow with septic tanks
and these households must be assured they will not be victimised
because they live in rural areas and are not connected to the mains

Cllr Brady continued "This Government is hell bent on making the
ordinary people pay for the financial mess that the County is in, we
are being forced to pay Billions to Bondholders and Toxic Banks. At
our public meeting we launched a petition as part of our campaign
against the new stealth taxes that are been introduced to pay for the
mistakes of Fianna Fail and the Greens, these mistakes are continuing
and the ordinary people are the ones suffering. Sinn Féin members will
be out across Wicklow in the coming weeks building the campaign
against the Household charge, Septic Tank charges and Water Taxes, we
will be on the streets and knocking on doors throughout the County"

Cllr Brady Concluded "Sinn Féin public representatives from across
Wicklow have said they will not be paying the Household charge, we are
not telling people to follow our lead, however if they do we will
fully support them. People need to be fully aware of the potential
implications of not paying these charges and they need to make an
informed decision one way or another. Sinn Féin will continue to fight
these charges at every level and i appeal to all genuine groups to
work together in a campaign of mass opposition, there are different
strategies for fighting these stealth taxes and all groups sincere in
their opposition should rally around the one common denominator which
is our opposition to them"

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