Thursday, 7 March 2013

Launch of Wicklow Sinn Fein Family Home Tax campaign timed to coincide with first demand letters from Revenue

Wicklow Sinn Féin has announced a series of public meetings across the
County aimed at opposing the Property Tax and to build a campaign
demanding that the legislation is repealed. The meetings are timed to
coincide with the first letters of demand which are due to be posted
to households from 11th March.

Wicklow Sinn Féin Councillor John Brady has said “On Tuesday 12th
March Sinn Féin are launching our campaign against the Family Home
Tax, the launch will take place in the Royal Hotel in Bray and it is
timed to coincide with the first letters of demand from the Revenue
Commissioners which will go in the post to every eligible and some
ineligible households across this state, this will be yet another
demand from a government fixated on austerity and implementing the
failed policies of Fianna Fáil.”

Councillor John Brady has said “The family home tax will be the last
straw for many struggling families across Wicklow. This week the
government rushed through the second piece of legislation on the
Family Home Tax. Once again their arrogance resulted in little or no
debate on the most important issue facing many people. This cabinet
with their large salaries will not feel the effect of this new tax but
hundreds of thousands of others in mortgage arrears, unemployed or
simply struggling month to month will feel it acutely. The government
needs to get out of their comfortable seats and recognise this fact.”

“Sinn Féin is the only party with a clear and consistent opposition to
a Family Home Tax. This is an unfair tax which takes no regard to
stamp duty paid, management fees or ability to pay in most cases. Sinn
Féin is determined to see this tax repealed rather than simply
tinkered with. We have shown how an alternative Wealth Tax would be a
fairer alternative which would not dampen the domestic economy.”

Brady continued “Recently 70,000 homeowners heard that the AIB will be
increasing their variable mortgage interest rates. This comes at a
time when one in four mortgages are in distress. The last thing the
180,000 mortgage holders in distress need is another letter bearing
unsustainable demands. For the 1.8 million people left with €100 or
less at the end of the month after essential bills are paid this will
be the tipping point. The property tax letter from Revenue to
householders will only add financial stress and hardship to families
across the state. There is no sense in taxing the family home.”

Cllr Brady concluded “Sinn Féin will launch a bill in the coming weeks
which would repeal the Family Home Tax. We are calling on all parties
to reflect on what receiving the letter on the week of the 11th of
March will mean for working people and to lend their support to our
repeal bill before it’s too late. The reality of this unfair tax is
now dawning on people who have already shouldered austerity budget
after austerity budget. On Tuesday 12th March Wicklow Sinn Féin will
launch our campaign to repeal the Property Tax. This will be followed
by a number of other public meetings that have been organised across
Wicklow which include, The Arklow Bay Wednesday 20th March. The Corner
House, Carnew, Thursday 21st March both at 8pm.” Ends

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