Thursday, 7 March 2013

Questions need to be asked as 280 jobs go in Rathdrum-Brady

Reacting to news of 280 job losses in Rathdrum Sinn Féin Councillor
John Brady has asked where exactly is the governments job retention

Cllr Brady stated “This will be a severe blow to the workers and the
community around the MSD site in Rathdrum, Co Wicklow. By the IDA’s
own job multiplier over 100 other local jobs will be affected.
Yesterday we had a succession of government ministers claiming that
their plan was working and the jobs crisis was turning the corner.
That is not the experience of these workers or the growing number of
long-term employed or emigrants."

“Six months ago the Taoiseach, speaking at the MSD sister site in
Ballydine, Tipperary highlighted the signs that the economy was
turning when 70 jobs had been created there. Six months later and the
same company are shredding 280 jobs does the same logic ring true?
It’s important that the needs of the workers are met. It has been
reported that some of these jobs have been lost to Singapore. If this
is the case the government must act to access, as a matter of urgency,
the European Globalisation Fund to assist these workers back into
employment." continued Brady

He went onto say "A number of questions do need to be asked however,
where is the governments job retention plan? 280 workers are going to
be out of a job, we need to know that everything has been done that
can be done by the government and the Minister to ensure these jobs
are retained. Also questions must be asked about support this company
received from state agencies and the value of that support in terms of
jobs creation, retention and displacement."

Cllr Brady concluded "Its important that we remember that there are
real people, families and communities behind the statistics. These job
losses would rip the heart out of any community, but they will be felt
hardest in a rural community such as Rathdrum. Everything must be done
to either retain or have a new buyer brought in and the government
needs to take a lead role in that." Ends

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