Thursday, 1 October 2015

Empty Dáil Seats an Insult to the People of Wicklow/East Carlow

Speaking in response to revelations that Wicklow TDs are failing to attend Dail sittings for crucial votes; Sinn Fein Councillor and candidate in the upcoming general election John Brady has hit out at what he sees as a shocking disregard for Wicklow/East Carlow constituents.

“Billy Timmins of Renua and Labour’s Anne Ferris should hang their heads in shame. At a time when the country has been struggling to cope with the tragedy of Fine Gael and Labours Austerity, resulting in soaring housing lists, chaos in hospital corridors and heart-breaking homelessness; it seems our Wicklow TDs are either bored with their jobs or so out of touch with reality, they are incapable of appreciating their privileged position. What other employer would tolerate such a brass demonstration of contempt from their employees? Billy Timmins has the worst attendance of the Wicklow TD’s, he has missed 81.1% of the votes in the Dáil this year. The second biggest offender is Labour’s Anne Ferris, who has missed 70.9% of all votes.”

Councillor Brady continued by pointing out how these TD’s are paid employees of the Irish people and are not giving value for money:
“It is now generally accepted that the Country is in the grip of a health, homeless and housing crisis which has reached ‘National Emergency’ status. The indifference shown by our local representatives is nothing short of stunning. Dail TD’s are paid tens of thousands of Euros in basic pay and expenses, far in excess of what most people could ever dream of earning. Despite this our local Wicklow representatives don’t even have the courtesy to show up to work and do the job the people have elected them to do.”

Councillor Brady concluded by saying “Since 2011 Anne Ferris has received € 569,623.57 in pay and expenses. The Labour TD was recently involved in controversy after claiming an additional €16,000 a year for travelling ‘the long way to the Dáil’, despite her massive pay and expenses she has missed 70.9% of the votes in the Dáil this year. Meanwhile Renua TD Billy Timmins has received €542,460.50 since 2011, yet missed a staggering 81.1% of the votes. I think the electorate are justified in asking what exactly are these TDs doing in the Dáil if they are not participating in important Dáil debates and votes.”

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