Friday, 30 October 2015

Sinn Fein Councillor John Brady Pleads for People to Assist the Gardaí.

Speaking in response to reports that an improvised devise exploded early this morning in a residential area of Dunlavin county Wicklow; Sinn Fein candidate in the general election Councillor John Brady has pleaded for people with information to come forward to Gardaí as soon as possible:

“The people of Dunlavin are understandably in shock after the events of this morning and the Gardaí are doing a tremendous job trying to get to the bottom of it. However, I would plead to anyone who has information to contact the Gardaí as soon as possible in order to help expedite the investigation. Even if people are unsure if what they suspect is of any importance, I would encourage them to contact the Gardaí immediately if they have not already done so.”

Councillor Brady went on to say that the incident is a terrifying experience for the local people:

“Thankfully it would appear that nobody was injured, however it appears that the device certainly had the capacity cause serious injury or worse. My colleague in the area councillor Gerry O’ Neill spoke to local residents shortly after the news broke; they are stunned that something like this could occur in their quiet little town, the entire experience has been very frightening, and people are at a loss to figure out how and why something like this could visit their doorsteps. Clearly whomever is responsible has no regard for the safety of the local community and needs to apprehended and brought before the courts as soon as possible.”

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