Thursday, 1 November 2012

Brady Welcomes new Pedestrian Crossings on the Boghall Road

Sinn Féin Councillor John Brady has welcomed the installation of the
new pedestrian lights at the junction of the Deerpark Estate and at
Wolfe Tone on the Boghall Road in Bray and has said they will be
activated in the coming weeks.

Cllr Brady said "I am delighted that the pedestrian lights that i have
campaigned for on the Boghall Rd are finally in place. Once these are
activated in the coming weeks they will make the area much safer for
everyone. I have been pursuing this issue for a number of years now
and the lights are long overdue, there have been a number of children
knocked down by cars at the entrance to Wolfe Tone and at the junction
of the Deerpark Estate. This is a highly residential area and a lot of
people cross the road at these locations to get to the local shop and
to the schools".

Brady continued "There have been some concerns that the parking at the
front of the Boghall Stores shop would have to be removed to
facilitate the new crossing. However after discussions with the roads
technician in Bray Town Council a plan has been drawn up to enable the
parking to remain and the badly needed crossing to be installed. The
parking at this location is critical for the local business and the
removal of it would have been detrimental to the local store. I do
think there maybe be a bit of an overkill installing a crossing at the
new Aldi store as this will mean there will be 3 crossings within the
space of 250 meters, people could of easily used the existing crossing
at the Greystones Rd junction or the new one at Wolfe Tone without an
extra one in the middle".

Cllr Brady concluded "Overall i delighted this work has gone ahead,
but i do have some concerns that have been brought to the attention of
the council. I have asked them to look at the lights at Wole Tone
again as i believe they are too close to the junction and may actually
lead to an accident, i have been assured that all my concerns will be
taken on board and changes will be made if necessary".

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