Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wicklow Sinn Fein to hold pre budget Protest

Wicklow Sinn Féin are to hold a Pre budget protest this Saturday, 1st
December at 2pm. The protest will take place outside the constituency office 
of Wicklow Labour TD Anne Ferris and it will happen only days before
Budget 2013 which will take place on Wednesday 5th December. Sinn Fein
are campaigning for a fair budget, against cuts and against the
property tax.

Speaking ahead of Saturdays protest Sinn Féin County Councillor John
Brady said "We are asking people to take to the streets of Bray on
Saturday to demand a fair budget.  Sinn Féin have shown in our pre
budget submission that there is a better way. We have been told that
this will be another tough budget and that there will be cuts and
taxes of €3.5 billion included, this will be the 5th consecutive
budget of its type and its simply deepening the recession and
increasing unemployment".

Cllr Brady went on to say "Politics is all about choices and its clear
the Government have choices to make on December 5th. We are simply
asking for fairness and this simply means those who can pay a little
bit more doing so, fairness also means protecting struggling families
and cuts starting at the top. It has been well flagged that Labour and
Fine Gael are planning on introducing a property tax, this will be the
last straw for struggling householders and will be difficult to
implement. A wealth tax is both fair and easy to implement. The main
message of the pre budget protest is tax wealth, not homes".

Cllr Brady concluded "I am asking people who what to see fairness in
next weeks budget to come out on Saturday and join in the protest, it
will take place outside the office of Labour TD Anne Ferris and will
be a chance for people to let their voices be heard prior to the

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