Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Council to remove costly unwanted fence from the Deerpark Estate

Late last week contractors working on behalf of Bray Town Council
moved into the Deerpark, Heatherwood Estates in Bray and started
erecting a fence the length of the public green which runs along by
the main road into the estate. There was a lot of concern and
opposition, no one including the Residents Association had been
consulted prior to this work commencing. However following a meeting
on site with the Residents Association and Cllr John Brady the council
has agreed to start removing the fence and the scrap their plans.

Cllr Brady said "The fence was not wanted or needed, the first anyone
knew about this was when the contractors started erecting the fence in
the middle of the public open space. There has been no consultation
with the Councillors or the very active residents association who use
the open space for their family fun days during the summer. Residents
in the area like the open plan of the green and a fence or hedge would
only create numerous problems in the area.

"The residents and i met an official from the council on Friday and
the concerns of the residents were put across to him. Thankfully  our
concerns have been taken on board and it has agreed to remove the
fence and scrap the plans for it"

Cllr Brady went onto say "There was deep concern by the residents in
the area that this was an attempt to start the process of trying to
open a through road onto the Southerncross Rd from the Boghall Rd. I
have stated to the council time and time again that any attempt to
force a road through the estate will be bitterly opposed by the
residents and myself"

Cllr Brady finished by saying "This shows again that consultation with
communities is critical rather than trying to impose things on them
without any input from them. The council must work with communities
and residents associations to identify what their needs are and then
work from there. Thankfully the council have agreed to reverse the
works they have started, however it has come at a needless expense
that could have been spent on other more needy projects in the area"

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