Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sinn Fein are to host a series of public events in Wicklow in opposition to the budget.

Sinn Fein are to host a series of public events in Wicklow in
opposition to the budget.

Speaking after Budget 2013 has been presented to the Dáil, Wicklow
Sinn Féin Councillor John Brady said he wants the public to know
exactly what it means for them.

Cllr Brady said “Over the weekend Sinn Fein will be holding a public
rally in Bray to allow people to hear first hand what this Budget
means for them and their families and to mobilise opposition to the
hugely unfair tax on the family home. This Government has little to be
proud of and they have matched Finna Fáil in terms of unfairness. They
have presented to us a Budget, which again reaches into the pockets of
lower and middle income earners while protecting those on higher
incomes. This budget is anti-children, anti-family and anti-jobs."

Arklow Sinn Féin representative James Charlton said “The Fine Gael and
Labour Government has stooped to new lows with the regressive tax on
the home – a tax which punishes working families and young couples in
negative equity, a tax which takes no account of the ability of people
to pay, a tax which will see those who cannot afford to pay chased to
the grave by the Government and charged interest for the luxury. We
realise that it is not enough to simply oppose this tax, to speak
empty words or to lead people up the garden path; credible, workable
and fair alternatives need to be put forward. On Thursday 13th
December we will hold a public meeting in Arklow at 7.30 in John Joe's
to give details about the budget and to launch our 'Tax Wealth, Not
Homes' campaign."

Cllr Brady added "A wealth tax of 1% on those with a net wealth of
over €1 million, such as that proposed by themselves, would generate
up to €800 million. Such a measure is in place in other countries such
as France, Spain and Iceland. We have published Wealth Tax Legislation
and intend to bring it before the Dáil at the earliest opportunity.
Sinn Féin opposes the government’s tax on the family home. We are now
calling on people to make a stand against the imposition of this
unfair home tax. There is time to get the government to reverse this
decision. This home tax is the brainchild of Fianna Fáil. If the
government is allowed to legislate for it, then it will be the tipping
point for families across the state. The government – Labour and Fine
Gael - are ignoring the plight of the people and together we must make
it clear to them that enough is enough. The budget has yet again
proven that this Government has not listened to the people; that it is
detached from the realities faced by ordinary families. This campaign
is an opportunity to send a clear message to this Government on behalf
of the people of Wicklow– Tax Wealth, not homes."

Brady went onto say "From 2008 to 2010 Labour and Fine Gael voted
against austerity budgets and attacked the policy. They promised
change- not one more red cent to the banks, protect child benefit and
so on……they didn’t mean it. They have implemented over €7 billion in
taxes and cuts after riding into office on a wave of public support
for an end to austerity. So much for the brand new dawn. They are
ignoring a fact that is as plain as day-austerity isn’t working. Now
they are bringing in a home tax, a cut in child benefit and an end to
the first part of every worker’s weekly wage not being taxed by PRSI.
These cuts and taxes will simply push many over the edge if they are
not opposed."

Brady and Charlton concluded “We are calling on individuals, community
representatives and activists to try attend either event to demand
fairness and make their voice heard on behalf of themselves and
vulnerable members of their community.”

Public events will be held on the following dates:

Rally Town Hall Bray
Saturday 8th December @1pm

Public meeting and launch of Tax Wealth, Not Homes Campaign
Thursday 13th December 7.30pm
John Joe's Arklow

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