Monday, 10 December 2012

Wicklow Sinn Féin to launch 'Tax Wealth Not Homes' campaign

Wicklow Sinn Féin are to launch their campaign 'Tax wealth not Homes'
campaign on Thursday 13 December in John Joe's, Arklow at 7.30pm. The
details of the budget and the alternatives will also be discussed.

Speaking ahead of the launch of the 'Tax wealth Not Homes campaign'
Arklow Sinn Fein representative James Charlton said Sinn Féin is
opposed to the government’s tax on the family home. The Government
call it a property tax– But it is a tax on the family home, full stop.
It is clear that the government is prepared to use all means to take
this tax from struggling families. It is unacceptable. It must be
stopped, Sinn féin will campaign against this tax and we are launching
the Wicklow campaign on Thursday 13 December in Arklow at 7.30pm in
John Joe's."

Wicklow Sinn Féin County Councillor John Brady said "Many families up
and down the country will not be able to pay the home tax, there are
160,000 distressed mortgages at the moment and people cant afford a
home tax on top of everything else. Sinn Féin will be actively
campaigning to resist the introduction of this unfair tax on the
family home.
Sinn Féin has an alternative that is fair. A wealth tax – that is
levied on the property of the wealthy. The government had the option
of a real wealth tax and chose not to take it.
Instead Labour/Fine Gael chose to impose a punitive tax on the family home."

James Charlton concluded "Sinn Féin is calling on every citizen to
make a stand and resist the imposition of this unfair home tax. I
believe there is time to get the government to reverse this decision.
If the government is allowed to legislate for it, then it will be the
tipping point for many families across the state. We will be launching
our campaign on Thursday and we will be actively campaigning against
the tax right across the County."

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