Monday, 10 December 2012

Wicklow's Government TD's given their P45's by the people of Wicklow

Wicklow Sinn Féin on behalf of Wicklow residents delivered P45's to
Wicklow's government TD's at a protest held on Saturday last which was
against the austerity budget.

Speaking after Saturdays protest Councillor John Brady said "The
budget was about priorities and choices. There was scope for Fine Gael
and Labour to deliver a budget that was fair and to enact measures
that would protect ordinary families. However, the Government decided
to attack those on low to middle incomes while ring-fencing the
wealthy. Many promises given to the people of Wicklow and across the
state have been broken by this government and by Wicklow's 4
government TD's.”

Cllr Brady continued "At the large protest on Saturday i delivered
P45's to both Simon Harris and Anne Ferris from the people of Wicklow.
The four Government TD's in Wicklow received a mandate from the people
and they promised to do things different to the last Fianna Fáil one.
However they have hit Wicklow residents with a tax on the family home,
more PRSI, cuts to child benefit, increased college registration fees
and motor tax. I just don’t see where many of these families will find
the money to survive. They are still coping with the impact of this
Government’s last budget. The contract they entered with the people of
Wicklow has been breached and the 4 government TD's now have a choice
to reject the budget or fill in their P45's.”

Brady went onto say “The Labour Party in particular should be ashamed.
This is a party who claims that it stands up for working people and
defends the most vulnerable in society. Yet here we have more broken
promises from Gilmore & company. They made very loud vows not to cut
child benefit or to raise student fees prior to going into government.
However, they have simply flung these promises out the window. Anne
Ferris even had posters erected around Wicklow calling on people to
vote for her to protect child benefit, Anne Ferris has a lot of
explaining to do to people on the ground in the communities of Wicklow
who voted for her on that basis. Fianna Fáil would have been proud of
this budget as they designed a lot of these measures.”

Cllr Brady concluded “I don’t know how much more people can take. You
can sense the anger. People feel betrayed by the false promises given
to them before the last election, promises that have now been thrown
out the window."

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