Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dangerous Road Surface at Kilcroney Roundabout Needs Immediate Action

Wicklow Sinn Féin Councillor John Brady has said immediate action is needed to address the dangerous road surface at the Kilcroney roundabout in Bray. He has stated that he has been made aware of many near accidents at the location, when motorists enter onto the roundabout the cars loose all traction sending them into a skid.

The councillor said "I was first contacted on this issue a number of weeks ago by a motorist who went into a spin in his car whilst on the roundabout. He stated he wasn't travelling at speed and the surface was dry. Subsequently taking to other motorists it has became very apparent how extensive the problem actually is, i have spoken to at least 10 motorists who experienced the same thing at the same location over the last 6 months or so".

Brady continued "The latest incident that i was made aware of happened last week when a car with two people inside went into a complete spin on the roundabout, one of the occupants in the car is pregnant and they were convinced the car was going to completely flip over. In the end the car came to a halt facing into the roundabout, again the car was not travelling at any great speed and the tyres on the vehicle were only recently replaced".

The councillor went onto say "I raised the issue at a council meeting and i was surprised when one of the officials present stated the same had happened to him recently at this location. The maintenance of the N11 and the slip roads including the roundabouts has been privatised and a company named GSJ Maintenance Ltd hold the contract. The issue has been raised with them and hopefully action will be taken soon to address this serious problem. The issue has been happening for so long now it doesn't appear that it is an oil spill, it appears to be a poor road surface. I have suggested a special non slip surface be installed like is found at some junctions".

The councillor concluded "I believe the problem to be more extensive and that most motorists haven't reported incidents that may have happened to them. I urge them to either contact myself or the council so a true picture on the scale of the problem can be complied so pressure can be put on GSJ Maintenance to take action to address the problem". Ends.

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  1. only yesterday I saw a man in a car having a right spin on the same roundabout....