Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Local and European Elections will be a referendum on Water Charges

Sinn Fein councillor John Brady has stated that the electorate have a key opportunity to send Fine Gael and Labour a loud and clear message of no thanks to water charges in the elections in May.  He made the call after it was revealed that Regulators will set water charges in August, meaning consumers will not know how much they will have to pay for water until after the local and European elections in May.

The councillor stated “Already Fine Gael and Labour have handed over of Billions of Euro in national assets to the monster that is Irish Water. Irish Water has already paid out €50m on consultancy fees and it’s expected that at least another €30m on consultants will further be spent. The news this week however that exact charges to be imposed on the public won’t be revealed until after the European and Local elections is pure and utter political cowardice born out of the fear of the backlash the electorate will unleash on them on polling day”.

Brady continued “The idea of water charges and metering was first put forward by Fianna Fáil in their National Recovery Plan in 2011. This was enthusiastically pursued by Fine Gael and Labour who are imposing these new stealth taxes on the hard pressed Irish people. The fact that they won’t reveal the cost to be imposed on the people shows that this government has no back bone or indeed courage of their convictions to reveal them and try to justify them”.

“That won’t reveal them because they can’t justify or defend the indefensible. Currently half the Country is under water and the notion that we have to pay for the water again is a slap in the face for common sense.  The reluctance to revel the charges is an attempt to try save seats at the elections because both Labour and Fine Gael know and fear the backlash that these charges will bring”. Continued Brady

He finished by saying “The Irish people are very intelligent and educated when it comes to elections. I know many will use the elections in May as a referendum on Labour and Fine Gael and their austerity policies. I know many people will use the opportunity to send a clear message to them that they don’t want and can’t afford water charges. These charges coupled with the property tax will push people over the edge and lead to more misery and tough decisions by hard hit individuals and families”.

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