Thursday, 6 February 2014

Meaningful action needed by Council to apprehend serial illegal dumpers

Sinn Féin Councillor John Brady has called for immediate and meaningful action to be taken by Bray Town Council to tackle long term illegal dumping at a number of litter blackspots in the town.

The councillor stated "I have been contacted by angry residents from Stable Lane and Carlisle Terrace on Seymour Road in Bray in relation to the illegal dumping that has been ongoing now for years. The council is aware of these litter black spots and regularly have the rubbish removed from the locations, which both have high numbers of private rented accommodation. Locals have now ran out of patience and are calling on the council to take meaningful action to tackle the illegal dumping once and for all".

"In fairness the council organise to have the illegally dumped household refuse removed on a weekly basis, however this is nearly giving the dumpers the incentive to continue to do it as they appear to get away with it. The council must however get tough on the dumpers, firstly they need to erect signage warning people not to illegally dump and what the penalties are when they get caught. The council i believe must also erect CCTV at these locations to help apprehend the serial offenders, who when prosecuted should be named and shamed". continued Brady

He went on to say "I believe its costing the council thousands of euro a year just to clean up these two sites alone, this money should and could be better spent better by upgrading and improving public services and amenities for all instead of cleaning up after some irresponsible litter louts. I think the council should make public the amount of money they waste cleaning up after these people".

Brady concluded by saying "Landlords also have a roll to play in stamping out the disgusting actions of the small minority that engage in these stupid actions that not only impact negatively on the area but also on the entire town. But ultimately its up to the dumpers to have a bit of cop on and respect for their neighbours and our town".

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