Thursday, 27 March 2014

Brady calls on Lidl to Live up to their Social Obligations

Bray Sinn Féin Councillor John Brady has called on Wicklow County Council to redouble their efforts to get additional sites for recycling bring banks in the Little Bray area of the town. Currently there is only one bring centre in the area which is located at the Community Centre in Fassaroe.

Speaking after raising the issue at a recent council meeting councillor Brady said "I have been contacted by a number of constituents who were voicing their concerns about the lack of recycling facilities in the Little Bray area. The Community Centre in Fassaroe has a bring centre allowing people dispose of their beverage cans and bottles. However this is the only one in the Little Bray area. Previously there had been one located in the car park of Super Value or Superquinn as it was then, however this was removed to facilitate works and has never been reinstated. The Community Centre in Fassaroe provides an excellent option for people with their recycling, but its not a realistic option for people living along Castle street or Dwyer park".

Cllr Brady continued "I think the County council must redouble their efforts to find an additional site or sites in the area. I have written to the management of the Lidl store which is located on the Old Dublin Road and asked them to change their policy of not allowing bottle banks to be located at any of their stores. I believe there is ample space on the site of the old Industrial Yarns to accommodate a bring centre to give people in the Little Bray area another option to the only one that exists in Fassaroe".

"With waste costs increasing more and more people want to recycle to keep their bills down, however it makes no sense either financially or environmentally to jump into a car and drive with your recycling to a bring centre. They should be within walking distance for them be effective. There are concerns from some members of the public when bottle banks are located in residential areas, however the site at Lidl which is very assessable is not located near any residential properties. I urge the management of the store at a national level to live up to their social obligations and change their current policies of not allowing bottle banks. I also call on the environment section of Wicklow County Council to continue their work in trying to identify a site in the Little Bray area" concluded Brady.

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