Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Brady gives cautious welcome to Oldcourt Park Road scheme

Councillor John Brady has given a cautious welcome to a plan to try address safety issues on the Oldcourt Park Road which is one of the most dangerous roads in the Bray. The plan received unanimous support at the March meeting of Bray Town Council.

The Sinn Féin councillor said "I am delighted that at long last a plan has been designed and is to be implemented to try solve safety issues on the Old Soldiers Road. The road is one of the most dangerous roads in Bray. On a daily basis motorists have to resort to mounting footpaths when cars meet and pass on the road, many doing so at high speed. This poses serious risks for the local residents and pedestrians."

Brady continued "The plan which was unanimously supported at the March meeting of Bray Town Council will see a traffic island and a chicane constructed opposite the green at Oldcourt Avenue between St. Clarie's Terrace. A 10m one-way section will be implemented. The traffic will pass through the one-way section in the direction from the Boghall Road to the Killarney Road and a new hammer head turning area will be constructed to facilitate traffic to turn and return to the Killarney Road when they meet the one-way section at St. Claire's Terrace."

Councillor Brady went onto say "I must commend the residents who have campaigned on this issue over the last 18months and also to the residents who previously tried unsuccessfully to get action. 18 months ago local concerned residents formed a committee following a public meeting i had organised in the area which was focused on trying to get a resolution to the serious traffic concerns on the road which was and continues to effect the residents. The plan i believe will address the issues the residents are experiencing, however additional traffic calming measures will be needed along the Old Soldiers Road and stringent enforcement needs to take place to ensure motorists don't enter the one-way section from the wrong direction. Red Light Enforcement Cameras which are undergoing testing in Dublin should be looked at with a view of installing them as part of the scheme. Changes to the parking arrangements for the residents of St.Claire's Terrace are also needed to ensure the cars of local residents are protected by removing them from the road side."

Cllr Brady concluded "It is planned on advertising this scheme for a four week period before the work commences and the changes are implemented. Proper signage will be critical for the success of the scheme to ensure motorists are aware of the changes. One of the many positives in relation to the scheme is that emergency vehicles will have full access to all sections of Oldcourt Park Road and Soldiers Road from both directions. The scheme will be reviewed after a six month period to establish if its working and if any adjustments are required. This plan if enforced will lead to a large reduction of the area being used as a rat run and over all i give it a cautious welcome"

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