Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Wicklow County Council to hold special meeting to discuss important evidence presented at Bray firefighters inquest

A special meeting of Wicklow County Council has been called to discuss the  new evidence that has been heard at the inquest into the deaths of Bray Firefighters Brian Murray and 
Mark O'Shaughnessy. The meeting will take place this Friday 14th March at 11am.

Sinn Féin Councillor John Brady who supported the call for the meeting said "A number of Councillors have come together and called the special meeting of Wicklow County Council to discuss issues relating to the inquest into the deaths of Brian Murray and Mark O'Shaughnessy who died tackling a blaze in Bray in 2007. At the inquest on Thursday last critical new information can to light regarding a can the council and their fire consultant Michael Slatterty claim was found in the building, they claim it was the most probable cause of the two men's deaths. The Gardaí interjected at the inquest and showed pictures taken on the day of the fire that clearly show that there was no such canister present."

Brady continued "It is important that the council meeting takes place. In November of last year Michael Slattery presented his report to the council and at that stage i was very critical of it. However in my opinion that report which cost €53,777 has been totally discredited in the coroners court and answers are needed. We need to find out who moved or put the can in the sealed off building and why. The tampering or placing of evidence appeared to have happened sometime between the Gardaí leaving the premises on the 26th September 2007and the entering of the building the following day by Michael Slattery and 3 officials from the council ."   

Cllr Brady concluded"We need to see a full Garda investigation into this incident, but i will also be pushing for an independent investigation to be carried out. I will also be proposing another no confidence motion in the Wicklow County Manager Eddie Sheehy due to his mishandling of the fire service over many years. I think its important that all councillors are given the opportunity to examine their own conscious and why they voted to support the manger at the last vote in November. I believe they done so on the back of a dubious report that had been presented to them by Michael Slattery which implied that Mark and Brian where in the wrong place at the wrong time and nobody could have foreseen the explosion that happened due the the canister. This theory has now been totally discredited as it has been shown that the can wasn't present where the council and Slattery claim it was. These councillors have no choice but to vote no confidence in the County Manager and to seek a full Garda investigation into the matter."

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