Sunday, 14 April 2013

Action needed as Child injured by a Horse in Bray Housing Estate

Sinn Féin Councillor John Brady is calling for action to be taken by
the local authorities in Wicklow to deal with the issue of horses
within housing estates. This follows a recient incident in a housing
estate in Bray where a child was kicked by a horse.

Cllr Brady stated "On Monday last a child who was walking across
public open space in the Fassaroe estate in Bray was kicked by a horse
that was being kept in the area. Thankfully the child was not
seriously injured, however it is only a matter of time before someone
is seriously injured if immediate action is not taken by the local
authorties in Wicklow to deal with this problem that has dramatically
increased over the last number of years."

Cllr Brady continued "I have been contacted by residents from across
Wicklow in relation to horses that are being kept within housing
estates, it has become a very serious and dangerous problem
particularly in urban areas. There are problems with the horses
straying, roaming, causing danger on roads and being ridden without
proper restraint by underage riders. Under the Control of Horses Act
1996 the County Council is responsible for the control of horses
within their area. Wicklow County Council has the power to appoint
authorised persons to deal with any problems relating to the control
of horses. Authorised persons have the power to seize and impound
horses, impose an on-the-spot fine and take court proceedings against

"I don't have any problems with responsible people keeping horses once
they have the proper facilities to do so. Keeping them within housing
estates is totally inappropriate and dangerous and has to be stopped.
It is creating huge problems not only with regards to public safety
but also for animal welfare. Local authorities must tackle this
problem before a child is seriously injured or worse." Ends

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