Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Letter to the Editor in relation to comments made by Wicklow Fianna Fail PRO Stephen Kearon following the death of Margaret Thatcher

A chara,

I feel compelled to write this letter out of total disgust at a number of Tweets that came from Wicklow Fianna Fáil PRO and former Government Advisor to the rejected former Minister Dick Roche, Stephen Kearon following the death of Margaret Thatcher. On Monday last following the death of former British Conservative Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher the Fianna Fáil mouth piece posted a number of disgraceful tweets saying “Thatcher deserves our gratitude for ensuring Provo thugs & criminals who didn’t like prison food deservedly died painfully” he followed this with another message saying “Sands is now burning in the eternal fires of hell, just what his kind deserves”
These messages are obvious references  to the 10 Hunger strikers who died in the H-Blocks in 1981 at the hands of Thatcher. I think these messages coming from the PRO of Wicklow Fianna Fáil and former Government Advisor give us a good insight into the thinking of the so called ‘Republican Party’ that is Fianna Fáil.
We should be mindful of the legacy that Margaret Thatcher leaves behind and the hurt and pain that Thatcher inflicted on the Irish and British people during her time as British Prime Minister. Her role in international affairs was equally belligerent whether in support of the Chilean dictator Pinochet, her opposition to sanctions against apartheid South Africa; and her support for the Khmer Rouge. She also brought huge amounts of pain on ordinary working people in Britain through her Poll Tax and her prolonged attempts to destroy both the Unions and the Coal Mining industry in Britain.
Here in Ireland her espousal of old draconian militaristic policies prolonged the war on our island and caused great suffering. She embraced censorship, collusion and the killing of citizens by covert operations, including the targeting of solicitors like Pat Finucane, alongside more open military operations and refused to recognise the rights of citizens to vote for parties of their choice. Her attempts to criminalise the struggle for Irish freedom will be what she will be most despised for here in Ireland. This British policy was fought in the prisons in the 6 Counties by republican prisoners who engaged in the Blanket protest and the Dirty Protest. Unfortunately these protests culminated in the Hunger strikes of 1980/81 which seen 10 Irishmen die painful deaths at the hands of Thatcher and her Government.
Margaret Thatcher died on 8th April the day before the 32nd anniversary of the election Of Bobby Sands as an MP for Fermanagh, South Tyrone, he received 30,492 votes in contrast to the 57 votes that Wicklow Fianna Fáil mouth piece Stephen Kearon received when he went before the people of Wicklow in the Local elections of 1999.
It is no wonder consecutive Irish Governments abandoned the people of the 6 Counties when you have anti-Irish, Thatcherite apologists such as Stephen Kearon giving advise to them. I think the irony of the fact that Kearon is a member of the Erskine Childers Fianna Fáil Cuman goes right over Kearon’s head. Was Childers a ‘Criminal’ or a ‘thug’ for his involvement in the fight for Irish Freedom or for his involvement in weapons smuggling on the Asgard. Surly if you follow the twisted logic of Kearon, Thomas Ashe and Terence McSweeney who both died on hunger strike where also ‘criminals’ or ‘thugs’ is he also glad that they died painfully at the hands of the British.
Thankfully due to the peace process Ireland is a changed place and the vast majority of Irish people are working hard to build a better Ireland. Unfortunately there are still some bitter twisted people living in the past. I am calling on Fianna Fáil grassroots members to disassociate themselves from the comments made by Stephen Kearon. I believe the insight given by Kearon takes us deeper into the thoughts of Fianna Fáil at the highest levels. Fianna Fáil failed the hunger strikers much the same way as they have failed the people of the 6 Counties since the partition of our Country. They need to stop flying the ‘Republican’ flag of convenience, because for as long as they have Thatcherite, Anti-Irish, Right Wing Conservatives in their ranks such as Stephen Kearon they will be little more than west Brit lackies implementing the same failed policies of Maggie Thatcher.

Is mise le meas
Cllr. John Brady
63 Kilbride Grove
Co. Wicklow

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