Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Brady welcomes N11 project, but local jobs needed

Sinn Féin County Councillor John Brady has welcomed the deal that was signed to complete the Rathnew to Arklow bypass on the N11 in Co. Wicklow. However he is looking for assurances to be given that locals will be employed on the project and that guarantees will be given that at no point in the future tolls will be introduced.

Speaking after the deal was signed Brady said "I warmly welcome thesigning of this contract, its been long awaited and unfortunately wehave had far too many false dawns on this scheme in the past. The dealinvolves the construction, operation, maintenance and financing of the16.5 kilometres of four-lane dual carriageway linking the existingArklow Bypass with the existing Rathnew/Ashford Bypass in Co.Wicklow.The contract has been awarded to BAM civil limited in a publicprivate partnership and is worth 282 million euro. It’s expected tocreate up to 1,000 jobs during development of the Bypass which isbeing bundled in with the N7 Newlands Cross free-flow system in westDublin. I think its important that the vast majority of these jobs goto people in Wicklow who have the necessary skills and that thematerials for the project would also be sourced from suppliers in theCounty."
Cllr Brady continued "What the people of Wicklow want now isguarantees that some of the thousands of unemployed people from thecounty will benefit from the construction of the dual carriageway.Guarantees are also needed that at no point in the future will theroad be tolled."
"We have been told that the provision of tolls are not to beimplemented at this point, however we need assurances, that at nopoint in the future will they be installed on the N11. The signing ofthe contract is welcome if somewhat long overdue." Brady concluded.

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