Monday, 8 April 2013

Brady tells Bray Town Council not to be hypocrites and to secure their site on Killarney Road

Wicklow Sinn Fein councillor John Brady has told Bray Town Council to secure their site at Kilbride Lodge, which is on the Killarney road. The site is owned by the council and is currently being used for high levels of antisocial behaviour.

Cllr Brady said "I am calling on Bray Town Council to immediately move to secure the old Kilbride Lodge site which is currently being used for antisocial behaviour. The activities on the site are effecting neighbouring houses in both Glenthorn and Ballywaltrim Cottages. The council secured the site a number of years ago under Part V of the Housing Act and had planned on using it for badly needed social housing. Unfortunately the current policies of the Fine Gael, Labour Government have put an end to the construction of new council housing by all local authorities."

Cllr Brady continued "Since the council secured the site it has lay in a state of dereliction and it is currently used for the keeping of horses, drinking parties and illegal dumping. It is also being used to target the nearby houses of Glenthorn and Ballywaltrim Cottages and the residents lives are being made a living hell by the activities on site."

"I am calling on Bray Town Council to immediately have their site secured and cleaned up. The council cant be hypocrites on issues such as this. In the past they have taken action against private landowners under the Derelict Sites Act for having their sites in similar conditions and the council need to lead by example and set standards that they want private landowners to follow."

Cllr Brady concluded "Ultimately i want to see the site developed to meet the high demand for social housing that exists right across Wicklow and i will continue to put pressure on both Fine Gael and Labour to reverse their crazy no build policy. In the past the problem in Bray was the lack of council owned land to develop social housing, that has changed, the council has over the last number of years acquired a number of land banks for that purpose. Whilst we are waiting for a change of policy to allow these sites get developed for the purpose they where obtained, the council need to ensure that their land is not impacting negatively on the community. The council should explore the possibilities of allowing the site to be used by the community in the interim period, it has been suggested that this would make an ideal community allotment and this should be explored." Ends 

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