Friday, 29 August 2014

Brady Steps in to Quell Clamping Concerns in Bray

John Brady the Cathaoirleach of the Municipal District of Bray has stepped in to quell concerns in Bray that clamping is to be introduced in the town by the council. Rumors have been rife in the town over the last few weeks that Wicklow County Council was to introduce clamping throughout the town.

The Cathaoirleach John Brady said "I can safely say that the rumors that have been circulating in the town recently that clamping was to be introduced are totally untrue. These rumors have been circulating since Wicklow County Council have taken control of Bray after the abolition of the Town Council. I have been informed that a review has started by the council with a view of bringing all paid parking areas in Wicklow under the same operational policies. Currently Bray is the only town in the County to have council staff operating the paid parking. The other towns that have paid parking schemes, Greystones, Wicklow and Arklow have private contractors operating the paid parking schemes".

Brady continued "I'm totally opposed to clamping and i can assure people that as chairperson of the Bray district i will rigorously oppose clamping in the council controlled areas of the town. Unfortunately in the private car parks around the town there is clamping and I've heard many horror stories from people who have had their cars clamped in them. I do have concerns however that the control of car parking in Bray may be privatised by the County Council and i think this will be a retrograde step that should also be opposed".

"The parking wardens that are currently employed by the council in Bray do a good job and privatising this operation will have a detrimental effect on residents and shoppers alike. I believe private operators will be ruthless in their quest to meet targets and maximise profits. Under the current operation there is flexibility and an element of leeway afforded to motorists".

Brady concluded "I can assure people that clamping wont be implemented in publicly controlled areas in Bray under my watch and i will oppose the privatising of the operation of the paid parking scheme in Bray if it comes before the council".

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Cathaoirleach of the Bray Municipal District condemns Peoples Park shooting

The Cathaoirleach of the Bray Municipal District John Brady has condemned the shooting that happened this evening in the Peoples Park in the Little Bray area of the town. He has also urged anyone with any information to contact the Gardaí.

Speaking after the incident the Cathaoirleach John Brady said "I totally condemn this shooting incident in which a young man was injured. The incident took place at approximately 5.30pm in a public park that was full of children out playing football and enjoying the evening".

Brady continued " I spoke to a number of locals at the scene shortly after the shooting and they are in total shock. The Peoples Park in Little Bray is a beautiful and peaceful part of the town and unfortunately this incident is going to put the town in the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons".

Brady concluded "The fact this shooting happened in broad daylight in a park with hundreds of people shows that the perpetrator or perpetrators have little regard for the community of Little Bray and need to be apprehended. I urge anyone with any information or if they witnessed anything in the park to contact the Gardaí to ensure that the individuals involved are taken off the streets".

Friday, 22 August 2014

Is Fianna Fáil Councillor Pat Vance the Pinocchio of Wicklow Politics

Wicklow Sinn Féin Councillor John Brady has hit back at Fianna Fáil Councillor Pat Vance after he made a number of false statements on local radio this week relating to the Local Property Tax and the setting of the rate for Wicklow.

Councillor Brady said "There is a saying never let the truth get in the way of a good story and Fianna Fáil Councillor Pat Vance is a master at this. Councillor Vance who is very quick to remind people that he is the most experienced Councillor in Wicklow has either been caught telling blatant lies or he has shown his complete lack of knowledge on the issue of the Local Property Tax and that in fact he was bluffing his way on local radio". 

The Sinn Féin Councillor went on "The issue arose this week on local radio during a discussion about the farcical public consultation process around the setting of the rate for the Local Property Tax for 2015. The legislation allows for a 15% increase or decrease of the unjust tax, the legislation also provides for a public consultation process. That process ends on August 25th in Wicklow. Councillor Vance who maybe should be called Pinocchio claimed that as Cathaoirleach of the Municipal District of Bray i have the power to set the rate in Bray and that my buddies and i could push a 15% reduction through in Bray. Cllr Vance is completely wrong in his claim, there will be one rate set for Wicklow and that will be set by the full County Council of 32 members in September. This has been confirmed by the head of finance in Wicklow and also by the Department of Fiance officials. Fianna Fáil thankfully no longer control the council in Bray, unfortunately Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and some Independent Fianna Fáil Councillors do control the County Council and ultimately they will be the ones setting the rate for the County".

"Sinn Féin have committed to abolishing the property tax if we enter Government after the next election, however at this time we are bound by legislation and the only thing we can try achieve is a reduction of the tax by the full 15% that the legislation allows for. Sinn Féin in Wicklow would like to be in a position of power to be able to reduce the unjust tax, we hold 6 seats out of 32 and we will certainly fight for it to happen. We are a party that believes in democracy and people don't want and cant afford to be carrying the burden of a few international gamblers by being forced to pay their debts. We will act on the expressed wishes of the Irish electorate, i hope Fianna Fáil also believe in democracy and act accordingly".

Cllr Brady continued "In the radio interview Cllr Vance further claimed that Sinn Féin voted for the Wicklow County Council 2014 budget and rejected the Bray Town Council one and that we are some how hypocrites. Just like the story Pinocchio this is complete fiction. The record shows clearly that Wicklow Sinn Féin voted against the budget in Wicklow County Council because the money collected from the Local Property Tax that was supposed to be spent on public services was handed over to Irish Water to install water meters. The record also shows that we voted accordingly on Bray Town Council. The interesting thing here is that the real hypocrite is Cllr Vance because he like all his Fianna Fáil buddies voted against the budget in Wicklow citing the same reasons as Sinn Féin and yet voted for the budget in Bray".

Cllr Brady concluded "The public at large are sick and tired of lies coming from politicians. Fianna Fáil over the course of the last number of years have been the party that has led to an all time low in public confidence in politicians. What we need are honest politicians that will not use fiction or lies to try tarnish the good work of others in an attempt to try get off the hook. If Fianna Fáil are a democratic party they will listen to the electorate and reduce the property tax by the 15% and not use Sinn Féin as the excuse. Fianna Fáil control Wicklow County Council with their buddies in the Old Boys club of Fine Gael and the new Independent Fianna Fáilers, they will ultimately decide what the rate of the Austerity Local Property Tax will be for Wicklow". Ends

Brady Welcomes Kilcroney Roundabout Safety Works

The Cathaoirleach of the Municipal District of Bray Councillor John Brady has welcomed the remedial work that has been carried out to address the dangerous road surface on the Kilcroney roundabout. The Sinn Féin Councillor first raised serious concern about road surface back in February after numerous motorists brought it to his attention that on entering the roundabout cars where loosing traction sending them into a skid.

Cllr Brady said "I welcome these essential works that have been carried out on the road surface on the Kilcroney roundabout. Since i first raised this issue back in February i was overwhelmed with stories from constituents who had spun out on the roundabout. Each and every case was passed onto the council who in turn passed them onto GSJ Maintenance Ltd hold the contract for that section of the N11. A number of surveys where carried out over the last number of months and a solution to the problem was devised".

The Cathaoirleach continued "The work was carried out on Friday and there has been an immediate improvement to the surface. A company Trac Blast was brought in to carry out the works. They basically remove the top coating from the road surface leaving increased penetration and improved friction. The road surface on the Kilcroney roundabout up to the Hills roundabout have been treated and the process should last a number of years".

Brady concluded "From a safety point of view i am delighted to have got these works carried out. Motorists can now feel safe entering the roundabout without the fear of skidding out of control and flipping their vehicle or ending up in the middle of the roundabout".

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Wicklow Sinn Féin to hold public meeting to demand reduction of Property Tax and on Water Charges

Wicklow Sinn Féin are to hold a public meeting on the issues of the pending Water Charges and to demand a reduction of the Property Tax by Wicklow County Council. The meeting will take place on Thursday 14th August at 7.30pm in the Royal Hotel,Bray.

Speaking ahead of the public meeting Wicklow Sinn Féin Councillor John Brady said "Sinn Féin is to hold a public meeting on Thursday 14th August to inform people what they can do to start the fight back against the pending water charges and the property tax which has already been introduced. The Property tax which has been introduced by Fine Gael and Labour is hurting ordinary low and middle income families and this is having a knock on effect for local economies. This tax coupled with the new water charges will hit most ordinary families with an annual bill exceeding €1000. We are at a critical time where people have to let their voices be heard."

"Two important things are happening in Wicklow over the next few weeks. Firstly there is a public consultation process being held by Wicklow County Council with a view of setting the rate for the Property Tax. Sinn Féin ultimately want rid of this unjust tax and have pledged to abolish it, if we enter Government after the next election. However in the meantime the only option open to us to to reduce it by the maximum allowed under the legislation which is 15%. The consultation process being held by Wicklow closes on August 25th and members of the public must make submissions demanding that the County Council reduce it by the full 15%."

Cllr Brady continued "The second important thing is the installation of the water meters will commence here in Wicklow in September. The rates have been set and we are now expected to pay the highest charges for water anywhere in Europe. Sinn Féin will stand with communities here in Wicklow in their opposition to the installation of meters by Irish Water, as we have done in other parts of the Country already."

The Sinn Féin Councillor concluded "The meeting on Thursday next is a public information meeting and we plan on mobilising people to make submissions seeking a reduction on the Property Tax by Wicklow County Council and secondly letting people know about the water metering installation process that's due to start and what people and communities can do to fight back. All are welcome to attend on the night."

Friday, 1 August 2014

Water in Ireland now dearer than most European Countries-Brady

Sinn Féin County Councillor and Cathaoirleach of the Bray Municipal District John Brady has accused Fine Gael and Labour of again lying to the public and introducing water charges that will see water in Ireland becoming dearer than in most European countries.

Councillor Brady said “Before the elections, An Taoiseach Enda Kenny said that the average water charges bill would be around €240 per annum. It is now transpires that the average will be €278. Even that conceals the fact that many will pay vastly more than that after 2016 when the average costs to be recouped in order to run Irish Water will rise to €594. The charges that have been set for a litre of domestic water will see water in Ireland becoming dearer than in most European countries.  It will see most Irish families paying at least 20 per cent more than the Government claimed less than three months ago”.

The Sinn Féin Councillor continued “There is a lot of anger among the public in relation to domestic water charges and other stealth taxes such as the Property Tax. I predict there will be huge opposition to the installation of the water meters when Irish Water starts the installation process in Wicklow in September and Sinn Féin activists will fully support communities opposing that process”.

Brady continued “Another lie from the Government is the fact that the free water allowance for children will also been severely reduced according to figures by the water regulator. The Government previously said that up to 38,000 litres a year per child would be allocated - but that is to be reduced to 21,000 litres. It means parents will be given only enough free water for their children to take one shower and flush the toilet once each day. Everything else will have to be paid for”.

Councillor Brady concluded “The introduction of the water charges will unfortunately hit the most vulnerable the hardest; there are no free allowances for the elderly or low income families. The charges on top of all the others that have been introduced will hit local economies by taking more money from the pockets from people who don’t have any more to give. Wicklow Sinn Féin will continue to oppose the Water Charges and we have organised a public meeting on the issue which will take place on Thursday August 14th at 8 pm in the Royal Hotel in Bray.”