Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Minister Doherty’s no-show to debate on Community Employment says it all - Brady

Sinn Féin spokesperson for Employment Affairs & Social Protection John Brady TD has criticised Minister Doherty for failing to turn up to the Dáil debate on the over-due provision of pensions for Community Employment Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors.

Speaking during the Dáil debate in support of pension provision for these workers, Teachta Brady said:

“Minister Doherty’s absence here tonight shows total disregard for the thousands of people engaged in Community Employment schemes right across the State.

“CE Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors are looking for the pension they are entitled to. This entitlement was backed up by the Labour Court in their recommendation in July 2008, nearly ten years ago.

“While Fine Gael Deputies were quick to praise the work of Community Employment schemes, this appreciation is utterly meaningless when the same Government are denying these workers something as basic as a pension.

“In typical fashion Fine Gael has brought forward a do-nothing amendment which I am calling on them to withdraw. The fact that Minister Doherty could not be bothered to be here to speak to her amendment says it all.

“The Government have sent a clear message to CE Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors here tonight – we acknowledge your work but we won’t give you a pension for it. Shame on them.”

Brady raises unmanning of Wicklow train station with Minister Ross

Sinn Féin TD for Wicklow John Brady has asked the Minister for Transport Shane Ross to explain why consideration is being given to the unmanning and downgrading Wicklow Train Station.

Speaking this afternoon, Teachta Brady said:

“I am extremely concerned at the possibility of the unmanning of Wicklow train station. This downgrading measure would have a detrimental impact on those who rely on public transport particularly our vulnerable citizens.

“The unmanning of Wicklow train station will make travelling for people with disabilities even more difficult. They already face an extraordinary ordeal when it comes to accessing trains in the first instance, this will only make a bad situation worse.

“Users of the train already have to deal with a substandard service as there a serious capacity issues with the trains and a lack of carriages. Many people have to stand their entire journey. I have continuously raised this along with other issues of concern regarding our public transport service. Unfortunately this government seems content not to invest in our public transport system as there will be no additional train carriages until 2021.

“Back in January I presented Minister Ross with a petition opposing the unmanning of train and DART stations signed by over 3,000 people. Their voices have gone ignored by Minister Ross.

“I have asked Minister Ross to explain to me why the downgrading of Wicklow train station is being considered. This is something that I will strongly oppose.”

Wicklow needs social and affordable housing and not PR stunts from the Minister for Housing

Wicklow Sinn Féin TD John Brady has said that the Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy’s visit to Wicklow on Monday next is little more than a PR stunt aimed at masking the failure of the Government to tackle the housing crisis. The Minister is in the County to officially turn the sod on a long awaited 42 social housing units on Kilbride Lane.

Teachta Brady said “Whilst the delivery of any social housing units has to be welcomed, the government have failed the 3489 people in Wicklow lingering on housing waiting lists. Not one social housing unit has been constructed by Wicklow County Council over the last 3 years.

“The turning of the sod on the Kilbride Lane site comes after 12 years of talk. The site was first acquired in 2006 for €6.1m and red tape has held this project up since then.

“The minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy along with plenty of media will do the honours and turn the sod on this site. However unless the four stage process used for planning social houses is fast tracked and a more ambitious housing construction programme is brought forward for Wicklow, it will take decades to go anywhere near tackling the crisis.”

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Extension of County Boundary would provide a ‘huge opportunity’ for development of Blessington – Brady

Sinn Féin TD for Wicklow John Brady has said that the extension of the Wicklow/Kildare county boundary at Blessington would provide a ‘huge opportunity’ for the economic and social development of the town.

Speaking this afternoon, Teachta Brady said:

“The development of Blessington is being stifled by the imposition of the current county boundary between Wicklow and Kildare. This is negatively impacting on the development of Blessington both economically and socially. Currently the County boundary cuts nearly right into Blessington Town centre.

“I am proposing that the new route for the N81 upgrade become the new natural boundary for Wicklow and Kildare. This route bypasses Blessington and will leave a sizable green field area that remains to be developed. I believe now is the time to start the official process of seeking a boundary extension. At the moment there is only one housing estate in the area that I’m proposing to move from Kildare into Wicklow, Blessington Manor. Many of the residents there are originally from Blessington and shop, socialise, work and send their children to school in Wicklow.

“It is lunacy to have two local authorities working back to back when it comes to part of Blessington and its surrounding areas. This is a unnecessary block to the natural development of Blessington. Not only is there a duplication of services, there are two separate Development Plans dealing with the Blessington area. The Kildare Development plan doesn’t take a holistic view of the development of Blessington into the future and this is stifling its development.

One prime example of Kildare’s lack of interest in the area is the failure to complete the Blessington inner relief road. The last section of this planned road runs through Kildare and there appears to be no appetite by Kildare County Council to complete this important piece of infrastructure.

“I have put my proposals to the Wicklow County Manager, Frank Curran and have also written to the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government Eoghan Murphy TD to start the official process. I have also contacted the Chairperson of the Baltinglass Municipal District asking him to have the issue discussed at the next council meeting and hopefully to support the proposal.

Local Sinn Féin representative Aidan Kinsella concluded “This proposed extension will allow Blessington to grow and prosper without the negative impact of the current boundary. We will be going door to door in Blessington, including Blessington Manor which will be directly affected and outlining our proposals. I hope that this common sense proposal gets the support that it needs both from the public and local politicians and that the official process can commence as soon as possible.”